Navy Cadets, until recently known as Sea Cadets, is a youth organisation with branches throughout the country. Each branch is known as a 'Training Ship' or TS for short. Training Ship Taupo Navy Cadets is the North Wellington Navy Cadet training ship based in Mana, Porirua.

Training Ship Taupo Navy Cadets has what is called a parade night every Tuesday night during the school term from 6.45pm (for a 7pm start) to 9.15pm. We meet approximately every second weekend for activities such as sailing, camping, regattas, shooting and competitions. The days and frequencies of weekend activities vary - usually due to the time of year.

The cost to be a Navy Cadet at Training Ship Taupo Navy Cadets is $180 per year, payable as a donation of $45 at the beginning of each school term. This donation includes use of a uniform, supervision, training, use of boats, a personal cap and other equipment and transport where possible.

When you become a Navy Cadet you will be issued with several pieces of uniform; one uniform known as 'full blues' will be for formal occasions such as ANZAC Day. The 'half blues' uniform is worn on the first Tuesday of the month and the GWD uniform is a working dress uniform worn on the other Tuesdays and for events such as shooting or other activities. For water activities, Navy Cadets generally wear civilian clothes such as board shorts, tee shirts, thermals, waterproof jackets and boat shoes.

Training Ship Taupo Navy Cadets strongly encourages commitment however we understand that it is not always possible to make it to every activity, especially around exam time. You will be provided with contact details when you formerly join Training Ship Taupo Navy Cadets so you can let us know when you can't attend.

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